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NPGFN Garden Rules for 2017

1. The Gardens are open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. Village ordinance prohibits presence in the garden between 9 pm and 6 am. You may be subject to a Village fine if you are there during these hours.

2. You are not just renting a plot, you are a member of a community. We need EVERYONE’S full cooperation in the execution of the tasks for which you have signed up throughout the season. You are expected to participate in at least two of the Community Work Days that will be held throughout the season. If you cannot participate in two of the Community Work Days, or execute your chosen tasks for whatever reason, we ask that you notify the Board and pay an exemption fee of $30 ($15 for seniors or the disabled) for the season in lieu of work.

3. You may fence in your plot to deter theft and trespassing. Make sure your fence does not encroach on pathways. Lightweight bird and deer netting must NOT be used for fence material. Wooden pallets are also forbidden. Do not enter other people’s plots without permission.

4. You must keep at least 75% of your plot under cultivation with vegetables, flowers, and/or fruit, but no fruit trees.

5. You are responsible for keeping your plot(s), fences, and all your fence lines, clean and weed free. NPGFN membership is for one year. Failure to adequately maintain your plot(s) and fences will result in forfeiture of renewal privileges. Abandoned and/or unkempt plot(s) will be reassigned. Please notify a member of the Garden Board if you will be unable to tend your plot for more than two weeks. The board will consider unkempt plots abandoned after sending one notice. If no response is received gardening privileges will be revoked.

The following are the dates and reasons for such action:

a. Not starting: You will be notified May 10 regarding no preparation or cleaning. You must address the issue by May 17.

b. Not maintaining: You will receive a notice by June 4 regarding no weeding, weeds knee high, or weeds encroaching onto a neighboring garden or common fence, or whose seeds are dropping onto a neighboring garden. You must respond by June 14 to the Board by e-mail or letter.

c. Plot abandonment for lack of maintenance: You will be notified by June 21 that your plot is being reassigned or mowed for the current season. You will not receive a refund.

d. Keep in mind that throughout the season row checks are completed monthly. You will be notified if your plot is not compliant. e. Non-gardening activity: Notice of loss of plot and non-renewal status. (See Rule 23)

6. Radios or any music players may only be used with headsets. Please use cell phones courteously. No noisemakers, such as windchimes, suspended pie tins, or anything else that intrudes on your neighbors serenity are allowed.

7. NO SMOKING in the gardens.

8. No dogs are allowed in plots or pathways except service dogs with official documentation.

9. This is an organic gardening community. We recommend the use of leaves, straw, wood chips or other organic mulches for the control of weeds. All non-organic fertilizers, such as Miracle-Grow, pesticides, herbicides, and repellants are ABSOLUTELY prohibited.

10. Clean and return tools, carts, and wheelbarrows to the shed before you leave the garden, even if only for a short time. Lock the shed each time you take out or return tools to deter theft.

11. No growing of illegal or invasive plants. Do not plant trees or allow saplings to grow. Even small trees throw shade on neighbors’ plots and generate root systems well beyond their canopy that can compete with vegetables and other herbaceous plants. Please do not plant shrubs or perennial plants that grow over 6 feet or that tend to form colonies over time and are difficult to remove, like rose-of-Sharon, lilac, elderberry, or jerusalem artichoke, among others.

12. The Board reserves the right to remove existing structures that are hazardous or that shade a neighboring garden.

13. If you are the last person to leave the gardens in the evening, secure the gates and activate the electric fence by pushing the on switch on the solar controllers next to the front gate. This is critical for deer control. If you are the first person to arrive in the morning, turn the controller switches off.

14. Weeds and other plant debris must be dumped next to the village leaf pile only. Rodents nest in anything that is not moved or turned over frequently. NO PILES OF ORGANIC DEBRIS/COMPOST ARE PERMITTED IN ANY PLOTS WHATSOEVER.

15. Scrap metal, wood debris, and brush must be placed in the designated locations in the bins near the tool shed. All plastic and trash are to be placed in the garbage cans at the side of the parking lot.

16. No glass of any kind, including windows for cold frames, is permitted in the garden. No tarps, carpets, plastic, plywood, or other non-gardening material is allowed. No plastic fencing of any kind is permitted. Tires and wood pallets are also not allowed, as are stones for decorative use or to define beds. These are a nuisance for gardners who may take over your plot when you have left it. Only organic materials such as wood, wood chips, paper, and cardboard may be used in plots for plant beds or weed control. The use of landscape fabric is discouraged as it shreds over time and is extremely difficut to remove.

17. Keep the pathways clear at all times. Wheelbarrows, garden carts, hoses, and bicycles must not block pathways at any time.

18. Commercial growing is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.


20. Please DO NOT PARK on the grounds of the Village Park or in front of the Village service entrance.

21. Use the NPGFN water system conscientiously and courteously. Shut off the water after use and remove personal hoses from hydrants, from along the pathways, or along the outside of your fences. Do not leave water on unattended. Sprinklers are not allowed.

22. Do not use the Village drinking water located in the park at the outside corner of the NPGFN for watering your garden.

23. Non-gardening activities, such as alcohol use, cooking, or camping, are prohibited.

24. Plastic pots, plastic 6-packs for seedlings, plastic bags, and any other forms of plastic will float away during the annual flooding and end up in the land of our neighbor the Nyquist Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary. Please properly dispose of such plastic items and man-made materials when they are no longer in use. Accumulations of containers, wood not in use, or any other item that is not actively used in gardening is prohibited.

25. At the end of the season clean out weeds. Remove or tie down anything left in your plot so it does not float away in the spring floods.  



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