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New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition

Founded in 1976, the New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition, a 501(c) (3), is  said to be one of the oldest continuous community gardens in New York.  It is adjacent to the Wallkill River off Huguenot Street in New Paltz and occupies five acres of a fertile flood plain located within a Village of New Paltz park. Some 125 individual 20-by-30-foot plots are filled with vegetables, flowers, and herbs during the growing season, although the actual number of plots varies each year with plots being  split or merged.   

The gardens have running water for irrigation, and in 2004 a solar-powered electric deer fence was installed around the entire grid. Gardening tools, wheelbarrows, and lawnmowers are provided  and are maintained or replaced yearly. Unlike other gardens, the NPGFN  is not re-plowed each year. While this means that gardeners can return  year after year to their ever-growing perennials, it can also mean that  newcomers may have to work hard to undo what their predecessors left  behind.

As a 501(c)(3), the New Paltz Gardens for Nutritions accepts donations in support of our commitment to sustainable and environmentally responsible stewardship of the land. 

Donations may be sent to:

New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition

PO Box 835

New paltz, NY 12561

Please make the checks out to New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition



Download the New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition By-Laws (revised February 1, 2017) by clicking on the Download button below. (pdf)



From  Main Street turn right onto Huguenot Street and take the first left, which looks like a long parking lot. Continue through the parking lot to  a narrow lane that descends along the Wallkill River. 

The New Paltz  Gardens for Nutrition is at the end of this lane.  


The New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition is open from dawn to dusk 7 days a week.