How to Get a Garden Plot


Did you always want to have a garden but don't have access to land? You can realize your dreams by joining the New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition. We currently have both full and half size plots available.

Community gardens are common ground for growing plants that feed, heal and give aesthetic pleasure. They are civic spaces where people work and recreate to nourish themselves, their families and friends; the gardeners’ shared labor also builds a stronger sense of belonging to their physical environment and connection to other gardeners. Community gardens are the collective effort of people with the patience and determination to make things grow. Cultural exchanges sprout and new friendships grow among diverse groups of people.

By choosing to be in a community garden, you’ll be gardening in close proximity to others. You can learn from these folks either actively (by asking questions) or passively (by observation). People of different backgrounds garden differently; you may be surprised at what you’ll learn even if you’ve been gardening many years. Gardening mentors are available. 

2019 Annual Plot Fees: 

Full Plot (20' x 30')- $45, $30 Seniors 62+/Disabled

Half Plot (20' x 15')- $30, $25 Seniors 62+/Disabled

Membership in the NPGFN community is requested via an application for the 2019 gardening season. Membership is for the current year only. Applications sent later in the season do not extend into the following year. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Click on the button below to download the 2019 NPGFN Application and Garden Rules.

2019 Application and Garden Rules (pdf)