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The New Paltz Gardens for Nutrition (NPGFN), a 501(c)(3), is in need of  an infiltration well that will provide clean, safe water for irrigation.  Founded in 1976, the NPGFN is one of the oldest, continuous community gardens in New York state. It is situated on a fertile flood plain  adjacent to the Wallkill River, whose waters historically have been used  to irrigate the garden plots of our 125 gardeners. Committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious gardening practices and education, the NPGFN is considered an important and valuable community resource.

However, the future success of this community resource is at stake due to climate changes that have affected the river.  In  2016, the extremely hot and dry summer resulted in the Wallkill River becoming contaminated with toxic algae that rendered it unsafe for irrigation for a period of more than two months during the harvest season from mid August through October. In addition, there was, and  continues to be, increasing concern over the high levels of bacteria that have been detected in the river.

It is likely that the  Wallkill River will become toxic again with increasing summer temperatures, and this could threaten the very existence of the NPGFN, a  loss not only for our gardeners, but for New Paltz and the surrounding  communities as well.  Because of this, the Board of the NPGFN has explored different options for clean, safe water. In the end it was decided that an infiltration well, or galley, should be installed at the side of the river that will filter the river water through the ground in a system that will eliminate both toxins and bacteria.

Donations  to our Go Fund Me campaign will help to pay for the installation of the infiltration well and the required water and electricity lines. We  would like to have this infiltration well installed as soon as possible,  but in any case no later than the beginning of the gardening season in April of 2018. 

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